Host Family Guidelines

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                                                  Our office is open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am and 4pm.

We offer a 24 hour emergency mobile number, this is to be used for emergencies only, for general questions please contact the office.

Hosting Overseas Students

We have put these guidelines in place to help you know what is expected when hosting an overseas student.

We ask you to meet your student on arrival and escort them on the first morning to the meeting point. The student will then make their own way to and from your house each day and then on departure we would ask you to drop them to the meeting point. We email you a full social programme for each group a few weeks before the arrival date.

For mini stay groups we expect you to drop your student off and collect them from the designated area each day. Again, we send out the programme and ask you to adhere to the stated times. We ask that you don't drop your student off more that 10-15 minutes before the stated times as we cannot guarantee their safety when alone with no adult supervision. We also ask that you are there to collect them at the specified time as it is not fair to leave them to wait alone in the evenings.

If you live within a reasonable walking distance then it is fine to drop off and collect your student on foot, however do not leave them to walk home alone unless this has been agreed with the leader.

BREAKFAST - Please offer the students a bowl of cereal and a couple of slices of toast, crumpets or pancakes. Please also offer a drink with their breakfast.

LUNCH - Please ensure you provide your student with a packed lunch every day. We recommend they have two rounds of sandwiches ( this is 4 slices of bread ) or 2 large rolls. (Cheese spread and chocolate spread are not acceptable). Also a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit, and a biscuit/cereal bars or cake, and a drink. PLEASE ensure each day the student is provided with a new bottle of drink.

DINNER - If you are able to eat with your students they will appreciate this however we understand this is not always possible and would ask you explain to the students why you are not joining them so they do not feel uncomfortable. Evening meals - the students are here to experience English cuisine so they will be advised they will be offered for example Cottage pie, chicken nuggets, quiche, pasties or a roast dinner with potatoes or chips and vegetables. Please also offer a pudding. 

It may be best to ask your student if there are any foods they particularly dislike or are allergic to. If we have been informed of any allergies we will let you know before your student arrives, however it is still best to double check. For 2 week stay students who are on special programmes you should arrange meal times with them on a daily basis.

Our diet is often very different to the cuisine the student enjoys at home and it may be the first time they have tried the meals you offer them. Popular choices for evening meals tend to include spaghetti bolognese, shepards pie, chilli, pizza, chicken, and salads. We also ask that you provide a pudding for students. If your student is not eating very much during their stay with you then please inform us of this as soon as possible.

Students may ask to use your home phone to receive incoming calls from their parents and we do expect you to allow this. Students rarely ask to make outgoing calls and we do not expect you to offer this especially as most students will have a mobile and will have asked for your WIFI code  on arrival.

We appreciate it is difficult to check all items in your students room daily however we do ask you to try. If an item is damaged through wear and tear you are unlikely to receive any compensation however if the damage is caused by carelessness then we will try to get compensation for you. It is important that you inform us of the damage whilst the group is still here so the leaders can come and see what has been done, in this case you are much more likely to receive compensation. It is very hard to get compensation once your student has left as there is no proof that the damage was caused by them.

Bad Behavior If your student is badly behaved then we need to know while they are still here, then we can talk to their leaders and ask them to speak to the student about their behavior. There is nothing that can be done once the student has gone so inform us as soon as possible.

The latest curfew a student of 15 years+ should be given is 10:30pm. If your students are younger and more immature then feel free to make their curfew earlier. On the nights of the disco in the summer please do be aware that it does not finish until 10pm and your student will then have to get home so they may be out past the curfew time.

If a student is late home we ask that you wait for twenty minutes before phoning the emergency mobile number. Once you have contacted this number we will inform the group leader of the situation.

Mini stay students will usually have enough clothes with them to last the duration of their stay, however if your student does need a few items washed then please include these in with your normal family wash.

Long stay students will probably need you to do some laundry for them and we do expect you to be prepared to do a reasonable amount. Students do usually bring their own towels with them however please check this on arrival and be prepared to lend them towels if they do not have them with them.


We appreciate that some students do not speak much English and it may be difficult to hold a fluid conversation with them, however we ask that you persevere as much as possible. Students come to this country to improve their English skills so it is vital you communicate with them to help with this.

Students are made aware that we do not permit smoking indoors. If your student asks to smoke show them an outside area they may use such as your garden and make them aware of where they should place their cigarette butts.

Students nowadays tend to bring electrical items such as hair straighteners, computer games, mobile phones, MP3 players, and tablets. Please allow them to charge these items if they need to, especially their mobile phones as this may be needed in an emergency or to contact home.

 Payments will be made by BACS and payment will reflect in your account on the day of departure.

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